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A Cosmic Joke

by Chris Holt

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All Aboard 02:46
All aboard the ship to sea All aboard the ship to sea Hope someone will come and rescue me Waving as we set to sail Stand atop the great blue whale Only hope that we don’t crash and fail I don’t wanna go I don’t wanna go home Acid and a velvet coat Lips around the boom box float White piano fingers in my throat I don’t wanna go I don’t wanna go I don’t wanna go I guess you know The seed will grow ever so slow On its own Delirious sleep deprived Prisoner of the FBI Why’d somebody have to go and die? Now I wanna go now I wanna go Now I wanna go rest my phone Leave us alone we’re stranded on our own Take me home ©2010 John Christopher Holt (BMI)
Meltdown 03:54
I’m gonna have a meltdown I’m gonna have a meltdown And when I do There’ll be no room for you I’m gonna have a meltdown I’m gonna have to roll down South to LA There I might be okay Quiet night will set me straight I’m gonna stand my own ground I’m gonna stand my own ground We’ll find a way And maybe I’ll stay Renowned, bound to my faith On down the road On down that dark and lonely road On down the road Happiness is no joke I’m gonna hold my arms out I’m gonna hold my arms out And welcome you Back into my room I was gone, gone But now I’m home ©2010 John Christopher Holt (BMI)
I'm Immune 04:20
If you want me to wait I won’t be made a fool You better not be the bait Don’t you know what you do? For years you could’ve walked alone You made the choice You knew you had to keep your home Now you lose that comfort zone You’ve outgrown, and how you’ve flown Something else came around As a means to an end When the fire was out We could light up again Set me reeling with a smile I could hide but oh you know it’s not my style Keep your secret all the while We light the fuse But don’t you know that I’m immune? Don’t you know that I’m immune? Yeah, I hate to break the news Now my focus is on you I need you to help me follow through It’s all too easy now to choose So much to lose Don’t you know that I’m immune? Don’t you know that I’m immune? So you better change your tune Can’t you see that I’m immune? Am I getting through to you? Am I getting through to you? ©2010 John Christopher Holt (BMI)
Do you feel that something isn’t right? Could be paranoia but not quite Is everyone man-made? And you’re the only human being played A schizophrenic mind Will question all mankind As a vast conspiracy It’s what you want to see Look around and dig for any clues Voices say keep loosening the screws Is it some cosmic joke? Taunted through a screen of smoke You’re the only one that’s real The synthetic truth concealed And the puppeteers commence To laugh at your expense Do you feel that something isn’t right? Do you feel that something isn’t right? Do you feel that something isn’t right? Only paranoia that you fight ©2010 John Christopher Holt
Always in awe of you And now that you’re gone Haven’t got a clue Cause it doesn’t feel alright To look across the crowded floor And not to see that smile Shining anymore A human cigarette With hands stained and bruised That never broke a sweat On someone else’s blues Always in awe for years All that I saw now clouded by the tears Watch me fall down I’m too gone to care Like a fool I will drown No one said it would be fair Cause you’re never coming back It’s not a choice to be made Nothing we can ever change Just a memory of how the hand was played Always in awe even now I’m so withdrawn Wondering how to move on Always in awe We were always in awe ©2010 John Christopher Holt (BMI)
Aim High 03:05
We suffered such a long Summer heat And then the fall fell too soon Some might say she brought defeat My winter’s pale in the light of the moon And the wind has left my sail Since that lonely labor day We try and still we fail The cold will only bring dismay Oh, so now I long For summers past When all my cares were few And I hope we might be free at last Again, the dream of me and you If the wind could fill my sail For now it’s all but blown away When at my feet a feather unveiled And all my troubles fade, and I Can’t forget that day ©2010 John Christopher Holt (BMI)
Say Goodbye 03:28
Medication 03:31
I was lost in isolation I was craving medication And all I drink will help me think But I can’t sleep a wink I’ve been burning at both ends I’ve been spreading way too thin In all my dreams I hear their screams But I’m just imagining things And though I’ve tried To kill my pride Say I’ve got a problem But I feel it all too often inside Alcohol through white and black eyes Sober talking junkie disguise And now to soak In crown and coke That’s the cosmic joke ©2010 John Christopher Holt (BMI)
Soapbox 05:58
All the lights are on But nobody’s home Tonight All the lights are on But nobody’s home Anymore The crumbs on the floor Swept out the door The voice on the phone But nobody’s home New mouth to feed Less heart to bleed These days There’s no soapbox Only frozen clocks And broken hands With no place to stand Just wasted land Slipping away Slipping away So much to pay But nothing to say Maybe someday Just not today I know what you mean I’m gonna change my scene ©2010 John Christopher Holt (BMI)
When you’re gone Some will cry Others bleed you dry But no one else can hurt you When you’re gone On your own There was time For building walls in line If only to protect you From yourself In the end people grow But few will know A name is just a legend When you’re gone All lyrics © 2010 John Christopher Holt


released September 21, 2010


all rights reserved



Chris Holt Dallas, Texas

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